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Arboriculture Solutions

Plant Health Care to Keep Your Trees Strong and Healthy

Are you concerned about the health of your trees? There are many reasons we want to preseve the trees in our landscapes. We have a variety of services to make your trees better than new and help them to establish defenses against future problems.


Deep Root Feeding

-Replenish nutrients under the dripline and beyond

-Inoculate soil with mycorhizae

-“Soften” soil with granular and liquid humates

-Increase beneficial bacteria populations

-Increase macropore oxygen space


Root Collar Excavation, Radial Trenching, Basal Aeration

-Correct growth restricting roots

-Remove damaging roots

-Create macropore oxygen space

-Alleviate soil compaction

-Improve soil quality around trunk flare

-Increase life expectancy


Trunk Injection

-Administer preventative pesticides directly into live tissue

-Treat acute fungal or insect ailments

-Increase growth rate and overall tree vitality


Humate Treatments

-Slow release softener of our clay soils

-Improve root penetration

-Improve nutrient exchange and uptake

-Increase growth rate


Semi-Annual Fertilization

Spring- Balanced slow release fertilizer, 0-0-0 micronutrient application

Fall- Balanced Slow release fertilizer for winterization


Structural Pruning

-Increase airflow to deter pests

-Increase visibility

-Increase life expectancy and form


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